General information about the catering collective


In February, we had placement students from the University of Toronto’s Urban Studies department interview some of the members of the Catering Collective. These are some of their thoughts they record

When asked about if they would like to have a business on their own, everyone rejected the idea without a doubt. To them, working together “is the point”. The sense of togetherness and community is what they value the most, as one woman says, “together makes big.”

The various activities including the catering collective, storytelling and sewing circle brought the community members together, and by cooking these women also give back to the community.

As everyone experienced different cultures and customs here, they adjusted to their recipes, for example, making the dumplings vegetarian, as some cultures don’t eat pork, so that more people can enjoy  the food.

Thank you to Alawia, Melissa, and Serena for all your hard work.

Who are the members of the Regent Park Catering Collective?


All members of the Regent Park Catering Collective have their Food Handlers Certificate issued by Toronto Public Health.

Most members live in Regent Park, or previously lived there but had to move due to the Revitalization, or one of neighbourhoods surrounding Regent Park (St. James Town, Moses Park, South Riverdale).